The ChIO Exam is an online-based examination.

1. Register for Online Exam – TEST WILL BE AVAILABLE – May 20, 2016
Once you register for the exam, there is a 60 day buffer before you can take the exam.
2. Pass Exam (80% Score)

Applicants who fail the exam can apply to retake the test. There would only be a re-examination fee.

3. Submit Designation Application
4. Applicants must have at least 2 years of relevant investment experience or have worked for an investment organization for at least 2 years.
5. Once approved, registrant will be awarded ChIO designation.

Congratulations, you can then add the ChIO after your name.

Maintain Designation

1. 10 hours of SWFI certified continuing education – self paced and reported

    a. Attending an SWFI certified event or webinar
    b. Reading SWFI certified material
2. Adhere to the ChIO’s Code of Ethics
3. Pay annual membership fee – US$ 350

ChIO charterholders are able to receive a print subscription of the Sovereign Wealth Quarterly.